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Here at, we’ve brought together an array of presentation tips, ideas and resources to help you develop and improve your presentation skills. Whether giving a marketing presentation, sales presentation, presenting technical information, or simply giving a presentation to your local history society, you should find something of interest here.

Most people at sometime in their lives have to give a presentation. And let’s face it, for most of us that can be a daunting proposition. There are so many things to plan and prepare before giving a presentation, not to mention the number one fear for many; the fear of public speaking. Yet in today’s business world, effective presentation and communication skills are essential. is a new site and is constantly growing and evolving. So come back often to check out what’s new. If there’s anything not here that you think should be, or if you have your own presentation techniques or PowerPoint tips that you would like to share with the Presentation-Power-Tips community, please contact us. We’ll gladly add them to the site.

So whether you are a rookie with a fear of presenting or a seasoned performer, we hope you find this site of value by helping you in presenting effectively and with confidence.

Good Presentation Planning: the Key to Successful Presentations
Learn how good presentation planning can give you the confidence to stand up in front of a group of people safe in the knowledge that you have done everything to ensure a successful presentation.
Structuring a Presentation
Techniques and tips for structuring a presentation. From creating a mind map to presentation storyboards, and just about everything in between.
Effective verbal communication
You're already very good at effective verbal communication. So why do our presentations sound so awkward and stilted? Here I identify some problems and offer tips to improve …
Presenting to an Audience: How to Choose the Best Seating Layout
An important factor often overlooked when presenting to an audience is the seating arrangement at the place for presentation. Here are seven suggestions for different group sizes and events.
Fear of Public Speaking
Controlling your fear of public speaking and delivering a confident presentation are some of the most important skills you may have to learn as a presenter. But fear not! The following pages give tips and…
Jeopardy PowerPoint Template
This free Jeopardy PowerPoint template with instructions on how it was made makes a great presentation icebreaker, a summary of points or a fun game quiz.
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