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Fear of Public Speaking?

The fear of public speaking is perhaps the biggest personal stumbling block many presenters face in getting their ideas across to an audience.

In nature, fear, so they say, is the mother of survival. When faced with danger your body's mechanism is instinctively stimulated to a point of maximum preparedness and performance. Your heart rate increases, you start to sweat, your mind begins to race. All very useful when faced with a wild animal. Perhaps less useful when faced with a room full of people waiting to hear your presentation. Of course, when giving a presentation, you don't face any physical danger (I hope!), but instinctively you still feel the same fear and so your body and mind react in the same way. You want to run and hide. In extreme cases, a fear of presenting can result in you stuttering and stammering, and eventually totally drying up.

But fear is normal. The trick is learning to control your nerves and using them positively to improve your performance. I say using fear positively, because I don’t believe eliminating all fear is a good thing. A certain amount of controlled pre-stage nerves is beneficial: it helps focus your thoughts and puts you in the right frame of mind to deliver a good presentation.

The following articles give some tips not only on how to control your nerves but how to use nerves to enhance and improve your performance.

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