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Try this Jeopardy PowerPoint Template in your Interactive Presentations

I designed this Jeopardy PowerPoint template for use in some of my teaching presentations. And it's so easy to modify to suit your subject. Use it as a presentation icebreaker, a summary of points or just for fun.

When you open the slide and click on a question, the correct answer is revealed. Go on, download the PowerPoint Jeopardy template now and give it a go. I'll then explain how I made it and how it can be easily modified.

Picture of Jeopardy PowerPoint Template

Click here to download this Jeopardy PowerPoint Template

How I created the Jeopardy PowerPoint template:

  1. Open a new blank PowerPoint slide and draw a rectangle or other AutoShape (see below.)

Picture of how to make a Jeopardy PowerPoint Template

  1. Copy and paste the shape. One rectangle will be for the question and the other for the answer. In the example shown below, I have made the rectangle for the answer green (you can do this by double-clicking the object and selecting its color in its Format box.)

Picture of how to make a powerpoint jeopardy template

  1. Select the question box (the blue box in this example.) From the main Toolbar select Slide Show > Custom Animation, click Add Effect and choose Exit > Checkerboard (or whatever effect you want.)

  2. In the Custom Animation pane at the right of the screen, click the down arrow of the animation effect and choose Timing.

Picture of how to make a powerpoint jeopardy template

  1. In the window that opens (see below), click the Triggers button. Select option “Start Effect on Click of”, and choose from the drop-down list the AutoShape box to be used as the question box. Click OK.

Picture of how to make a powerpoint jeopardy template

  1. Position the question box over the answer box.

  2. Select All (Ctrl-A). Copy and paste the object and position the copy on the slide. Repeat this until you have the desired number of boxes in their positions.

  3. Type your question in each question box (the blue boxes in this example.)

  4. Get a piece of paper and write down all the answers in the same order / layout as the questions appear on the slide.

  5. While holding down the Shift key, select each question box. When all the question boxes are selected, select from the Drawing Toolbar: Draw > Order > Send to back. This will reveal the green answer boxes. (Do not use Select All as it selects both the question and answer boxes.)

  6. In each green answer box type in you answer.

  7. Repeat step 10 to bring all your question boxes to the front.

  8. You can then finish it off by, for example, making categories along the top and a slide title (these are AutoShape boxes with nothing behind them.)

  9. Open the slide in Slide Show and test it. Click each question and check that everything works.

To modify the Jeopardy PowerPoint template:
Simply follow steps 8 to 13.

Have fun!

Disclaimer: As Jeopardy is a trademark of Sony Pictures, I have not used the exact Jeopardy structure for this template. This Jeopardy PowerPoint template is only an example of how to make an interactive PowerPoint presentation.

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