My Fear Of Public Speaking

I am one of those many people who find speaking in public a daunting proposition. During college, my fear would make my heart rate increase, make me sweat, and also, make my mind race. I felt like I was going through some physical danger and I just want to run and hide! There have been a few incidents, where I began to stammer while speaking.

In my final medical year, I had to present the entire staff of doctors in my college and adjoining hospital with a very complicated diagnosis of a patient. With it, I could get a fellowship and receive my residency as a surgeon anywhere in the country. I was aiming for John Hopkins Medical College.

In order to remove the barriers of effective communication, I tried to boost my confidence with the help of several books and a counselor. I was taught that fear was something very normal. I simply had to learn the trick of controlling my nerves and using these positively so as to improve my performance on the big day. The books taught me that fear cannot and should not be fully controlled as some amount of this fear can actually help in focusing the thoughts. It also puts a person in the perfect frame of mind so as to deliver a great presentation.

My presentation went well only because I connected fully with my audience as I gathered my fear in front of them. I kept them captivated and interested and used lesser unfamiliar terms so that they understood my diagnosis fully. My presentation was like a one-on-one conversation. This is quite simple to do if you take up a friendly approach and make the audience feel like you are speaking to them directly.

A simple tip to follow is begin your presentation well and the rest will follow! Do not memorize your presentation, but understand the purpose of it and stick to the theme. These tips and tricks helped me score well on my presentation and I landed a spot at John Hopkins!

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