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Online PowerPoint Presentations
From SlideShare.net

Searching for online PowerPoint presentations you can download and use? Trying to find ideas for your next presentation? Looking for an easy way to share presentations with friends or colleagues? Then look no further than SlideShare.net. SlideShare is the world's largest community for sharing presentations and is simply bursting at the seams with slideshows on pretty much any subject you care to mention. Think of it, if you will, as YouTube for PowerPoint.
online powerpoint presentations with SlideShare

Once registered (which is free), you gain access to their full range of features allowing you to search and download literally hundreds of thousands of online PowerPoint presentations. You can scroll through their lists, select and view a presentation of interest and download it if you want. Not every presentation is available for download, but for those that are, just click on the Get File button and save the file. You’re then free to open the file in PowerPoint and use or edit into your own presentation as required. And SlideShare doesn’t just accept PowerPoint. You can also upload your OpenOffice and Keynote presentations. Not bad!

Once you start using SlideShare, you'll probably begin thinking of all kinds of ways to use the site. From a presenter's perspective, here are just some of my ideas:

Share presentations publicly or privately
It’s easy to upload your presentations (i.e. send files from your computer to the SlideShare site) then tag them for either public or private viewing. For example, imagine you are giving a presentation and want to share your slideshow with your audience. Rather than printing and handing out the presentation, why not simply upload the slideshow to SlideShare then give your audience the relevant web link. What’s more, as your presentations are converted into the Flash format when you upload them, your audience doesn’t even need PowerPoint on their computers to view your online presentations.

Use it as a learning aid
Studying SlideShare’s online PowerPoint presentations is a great way to discover what makes a good (or bad) presentation design. You can also use it as an ideas generator by seeing how other people have developed their presentation. Now, a word of warning here, because the site relies on public submissions not every presentation is a good one. Decide yourself what you think works and what doesn’t work, and learn. It’s also possible to join groups and connect with other members who share your interests.

Another nice feature on SlideShare is what they call Slidecasting. Slidecasting allows you to add your voiceover or other audio to run in sync with your online PowerPoint presentations. I think teachers especially may be interested in this feature for sharing their work through this site.

For more information on SlideShare, visit their site here SlideShare.net.


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Online PowerPoint Presentations


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