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Make a Presentation on Motivation

You have a plan to boost your company's sales. Problem is it requires some departmental restructuring. Your task: make a presentation on motivation that will persuade your staff to accept your ideas with enthusiasm.

But what's the best way of doing that?

Presentation on Motivation

Just telling them what your plan is and what they have to do is not good enough. To motivate your audience you've got to make them feel part of the decision making process and show them the benefits that will result. Otherwise they won't act on it.

So how should you structure your presentation on motivation? The answer is to base your presentation on the problem-solution outline. From that basic outline, you can build your presentation to take your audience step-by-step through the process.

A tried and tested outline for a presentation on motivation is:

I State the problem
II Analyze the problem
III Give a solution
IV List the benefits
V State the actions required

State the problem
The first step is to state the problem. However, it has to be a problem that is relevant to your audience. Your employees will not see it as relevant if management bonuses are lower this year because of falling sales. But if those falling sales result in the audience's bonuses being affected, then it does become relevant. Without the realization that there is a problem, your audience will not be motivated to make any change.

Analyze the problem
Next you should give an analysis of the situation. Focus on the facts and figures. For example, how many sales did you make last quarter? What is the trend over the coming months? What market share does your company have?

Give a solution
Now and only now should you reveal your plan. You should also discus any other plans you considered, and give the pros and cons for each. Say why you selected the plan you're proposing and be honest with any negatives it may have. This is part of the decision making process. If you're not honest, your audience will notice and feel short changed.

List the benefits
Now for the motivational part. Don't dwell on what will happen if they don't follow the plan. Instead focus on the benefits for your audience in implementing the plan. Be positive and be passionate.

State the actions required
Finally you need to state the actions required to reach the goal. Talk about what ‘we’ have to do, not what your audience has to do. It's only a small change, but using ‘we’ is more inclusive and demonstrates your commitment to working together.

A presentation on motivation is one of the few presentations where you don't want to summarize what you have covered. You want to maintain the momentum of your story. Maybe you could include some small tasks right at the end of the presentation. For example a brainstorming session on how to implement the plan, resulting in an action list your employees could start to work on.


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How to Make a Presentation on Motivation


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