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Body Language: is it important?

Research shows that 93% of the effectiveness of a presentation is based on body language.
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Create a Mind Map Finding it difficult to know where to begin? Why not create a mind map to kick start your ideas and get that presentation structure off to a flying start.
Creating an Outline Structure you presentation by creating an outline. Three basic types looked at here: spatial, topic and chronology.
Effective Verbal Communication You're already very good at effective verbal communication. So why do our presentations sound so awkward and stilted? Here I identify some problems and offer tips
Fear of Public Speaking Controlling your fear of public speaking and delivering a confident presentation are some of the most important skills you may have to learn as a presenter.
FREE Presentation Software Presentation tools software such as PowerPoint does not come cheap. Yet there is an alternative. It's called Impress. It's good, it's powerful, and it's FREE! Download it here
Good Verbal Communication Good verbal communication is essential in delivering effective presentations. Learning how to use your voice correctly can give your presentations a real edge.
Ice Breakers for Presentations Ice breakers for presentation openings can get your presentation off to a good start. This article explains what works best for you and your audience.
Improve Presentation Confidence Want to improve your presentation confidence and deliver talks with passion and conviction? Then heed this call to action.
Jeopardy PowerPoint Template This free Jeopardy PowerPoint template with instructions on how it was made makes a great presentation icebreaker, a summary of points or a fun game quiz.
More Outline Examples Here we look at the acceptability outline structure. A perfect structure when you want to persuade or sell an idea.
More Outline Formats More outline formats including cause-effect, problem-solution & issue-action.
Motivating Presentation When giving a motivating presentation, audience analysis is essential. You have to understand their needs and aspirations. Use Maslow’s pyramid to get to the point with your presentation.
Online PowerPoint Presentations Looking for online PowerPoint presentations to download and use? Or maybe you need an easy way to share presentations with friends or colleagues? This article reviews a cool site where you can do just that, and a whole lot more.
Presentation on Motivation This article shows you how to make a presentation on motivation that will persuade your staff to accept your plans.
Presentation Planning Learn how good presentation planning can give you the confidence to stand up in front of a group of people safe in the knowledge that you have done everything to ensure a successful presentation.
Presentation Secrets Part 1
the Guided Discussion
The guided discussion is one of my favorite presentation secrets. When done well it's a great way to get your message or idea across while at the same time makes for an interesting presentation.
Presenting Graphics Presenting graphics and charts is a terrific way to get numerical data over to your audience in an easily understandable format. Here are twelve tips will that show you what works and what doesn't.
Reduce Your Fear of Presenting If the thought of giving presentations brings you out in a cold sweat, try reducing your fear of presenting by putting these six tips to the test.
Removing Barriers to Effective Communication The first step to removing barriers to effective communication is to identify what those barriers are. Once identified you can then work on improving them.
Seating Plans An important factor often overlooked when presenting to an audience is the seating arrangement at the place for presentation. Here are seven suggestions for different group sizes and events.
Starting a Presentation Starting a presentation is often the most difficult part. This article gives ten different strategies to get you started and keep you on track.
Structuring a Presentation Techniques and tips for structuring a presentation.
Types of Nonverbal Communication - Eye Contact Of all types of nonverbal communication, good eye contact is one of the most important. But what is meant by good eye contact, and how does it affect your presentation?



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